Difference between adverb of time and frequency

You will notice that many adverbs of time are the same as adverbs of frequency. 1 + 2: I work (1) for five hours (2) every day

    الملك سلمان و محمد بن سلمان تصميم ابيض و اسود
  1. Order of adverbs of time
  2. At the end of the sentence
  3. Adverbs of frequency generally go before the main verb
  4. With words like daily we know exactly how often
  5. De temps en temps, Marius et Jeannette vont au théâtre
  6. seldom
  7. He is often sick
  8. Between the subject and verb BE: I am always tired when I finish work
  9. The other adverbs of frequency would fall between these two positions
  10. Definite adverbs of time express specific points in time